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Indemnity Insurance

You now automatically receive $10M Professional Indemnity and $20M Public & Products Liability Insurance as part of your PAA Membership.

To Opt-Out of the Insurance program, please check the “Opt-Out” box below.

Please click the links below to view the policy wording

You can find out more information on the PAA Insurance Program by visiting the PAA Insurance Site
If you have any questions about the PAA Member Insurance Program, you can chat to a senior broker from BMS on the PAA insurance site, by phone on 1800 940 764 (8:30AM to 5:30PM AEST) or email
Once your membership and insurance purchase is complete, BMS will supply you with a copy of your Certificate of Currency and Policy Wording.

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I declare that I have read and will adhere to the PAA Code of Ethics

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I hereby declare that I have answered all questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I understand that the Pilates Alliance Australasia promotes a high level of quality and integrity amongst Instructors and I will continue with ongoing educational requirements as outlined by the PAA.

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